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CT Floors, as a Car Park Decking Systems Applicator with close to 20 years’ experience in flooring application, can tell you exactly which systems are correct for you

Carpark decking systems are specifically formulated to provide an ultra-flexible, directly trafficable waterproofing system capable of withstanding the abrasion and impacts associated with light vehicle traffic. .

It has excellent crack-bridging properties and remains highly elastic, even in low temperatures.

These systems have good resistance to oil, water, grease, salt, fuels, solvents as well as excellent weathering characteristics.

The non-slip texture associated with these systems provides great traction in both wet and dry conditions.

External Carpark Decking Systems

Carpark Decking systems that are exposed to the elements needs to be waterproof, UV stable and able to withstand the stresses caused by thermal variation.

Carpark Decking System

Under-roof Carpark Decking Systems

Carpark Decking systems that are used under roof does not necessarily have waterproofing properties, but they still need to be strong and durable against constant vehicle traffic.

Carpark Decking System

The correct demarcation products are necessary in order to be compatible with a given Carpark Decking system in order to ensure longevity of the project.

Remember, these systems are first and foremost intended to protect the substrate from harmful environmental ingress that will lead leaks and structural failure.

CT Floors Installation Services

CT Floors is an approved flooring contractor for most of the major local- and international manufacturers of high-performance flooring products.

Established in 2002, our focus is on providing flooring solutions to the industrial and commercial property owner who needs fast turnaround times for their, or their tenants’ specific requirements.

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