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Polyurethane floors are known for its low maintenance requirements, thermal shock resistance, as well as exceptional chemical resistance. CT Floors has close to 20 year experience as a Polyurethane Flooring Applicator.

Being a softer flooring system to Epoxy, it has the added benefit of being notably impact resistant without shattering.

Polyurethane floors comes in a number combinations and thicknesses to choose from depending on the project’s specific operational requirements.

For instance, factors that needs to be taken into account when deciding on the correct polyurethane solution are whether or not a facility will be steam-cleaned, what temperature variations the floor will be subjected to (freezers being cleaned with hot water as example) and what chemicals the floor will be subjected to.

Polyurethane floors are extremely dense, making them perfect for food processing plants where bacterial growth is a major concern.

Pure Polyurethane Floors

Pure Polyurethane floors normally consist of a polyurethane primer and a 3mm to 5mm Polyurethane final coat.

It has a semi-gloss finish and us UV resistant (however not colour stable, meaning that it will discolour over time).

This is an extremely strong flooring solution perfect for normal traffic processing plants.

Polyurethane floor BASF Ucrete

Slip and Thermal-Shock Resistant Polyurethane Floors

Based on the same resin composition as a Pure Polyurethane floor, this flooring system consists of carefully chosen added large aggregate, making it slip resistant as well as more impact and abrasion resistant.

Normally installed at thicknesses ranging between 6mm and 12mm, this flooring system is able to withstand large heat fluctuation as well as thermal shock.

It is chemical, bacterial growth and UV resistant, but will discolour over time.

This flooring system is perfect for high-traffic environments such as food processing plants, battery storage and charging station.

Polyurethane floor in GUD Batery Bay

Hybrid Polyurethane Floors

Hybrid Polyurethane flooring systems consist of a number of layers of different Polyurethane, aggregates and Polyaspartic or Epoxy coatings.

These systems normally satisfies a “best of both worlds” scenario in which the impact and thermal resistance of Polyurethane coatings are combined with the superior abrasion and colour resistance of Epoxy coatings.

These types of floors show extremely chemical resistance, and is therefor perfect in any food processing plant.

Stoncor Stonclad UT

Polyurethane Covings & Wall Renders

A Polyurethane Flooring solution for industrial use is not complete without covings, expansion joints and wall renders to cover bund walls and other splash areas.

These systems help with limiting the possibility of bacterial build-up in corners and unprotected surfaces.

Remember, these systems are first and foremost intended to protect the substrate from harmful ingress that will lead to health hazards and structural failure.

Polyurethane Coving

CT Floors Installation Services

CT Floors is an approved flooring contractor for most of the major local- and international manufacturers of high-performance flooring products.

Established in 2002, our focus is on providing flooring solutions to the industrial and commercial property owner who needs fast turnaround times for their, or their tenants’ specific requirements.

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