abe.®dur S Cementitious floor screed


abe.®dur S Cementitious floor screed is a blend of very hard, high wearing natural aggregates, shrinkage compensated cement, free from metallic material, used to produce a hard wearing granolithic type floor.

abe.®dur S screeds may be laid:

  • Easily applied, just add water and mix
  • Used for internal and external applications
  • Surface profile finish as required
  • Uniform application thicknesses between 10 mm and 35 mm
  • Dustless (up to 80 % reduction in dust)
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Ultra-high strength and high abrasion properties
  • Light to heavy traffic applications
  • Non-metallic
  • Quick turn around
  • Monolithically with a new subfloor, i.e. while the subfloor is still green.
  • On existing floors where the abe.®dur S screed is bonded to the existing floor by means of an epoxy adhesive such as epidermix 116.


abe.®dur S may be used in surfacing areas operating under very wet or dry conditions and/or subject to extreme wear internally or externally. These screeds can be applied to fine tolerances with respect to line and level. abe.®dur S has a successful record as flooring in mine change houses; mine stores; hostel kitchens; abattoirs; warehouses; bakeries; fish shops; sand blasting plants; pavements; municipal bus sheds; loading bays; product drying tunnels; shopping malls and freezer rooms.



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