Technical Finishes Solidkote UVC Polyurethane Floor


Technical Finishes Solidkote UVC Polyurethane Floor:

Solidkote UVC is a twin pack, acrylic modified, UV stable coating.


  • Non-chalking, high gloss finish with excellent gloss retention.
  • The coating exhibits excellent resistance to weathering while displaying superior flexibility, high abrasion, acid, alkali and solvent resistance.
  • Solidkote UVC bonds very well to a variety of substrates including concrete, metal, wood, tiles and natural stone.
  • Available in pigmented, clear gloss and clear matt versions.


  • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Surface renewal and refinishing.
  • Concrete floors, structural steel, chemical plants, food factories, plating facilities, laboratories, exterior tanks, marine application above water-line.
  • Excellent colour and gloss retention.
  • UV stable-does not yellow.
  • Non slip finish can be tailored to requirements.
  • Fast installation turnaround time.
  • Exceptional mar & scratch resistance.


Technical Finishes

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