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Epoxy Floors are the perfect choice in areas where light to medium traffic is expected. CT Floors as an Epoxy Flooring Applicator will be able to advise you on the right epoxy options for your building.

Being extremely dense, Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain, while the decorative options of these systems lends itself to a massive variety of applications from commercial to industrial.

The superior abrasion resistance of Epoxy floors makes it perfect for dry processing environments, showrooms and laboratories, while slip resistant, colour fast options increases the applicability of epoxy floors into areas such as healthcare and education.

Thin Coating/Paint-on Epoxy Floors

Brush, roller or air-spray applied, these epoxy flooring systems are great for areas which are exposed to light traffic and non-aggressive chemical spillage and cleaning.

Epoxy floor in low traffic area

1mm High-Build Epoxy Floors

High-gloss, smooth, chemical and abrasion resistant, these coatings are perfect for light traffic areas where ease of cleaning is essential.

Epoxy Floor

2 – 3mm Self-levelling Epoxy Floors

Fire Station Epoxy floor

Slip Resistant Epoxy Floors

Engineered with a textured surface for slip resistance in commercial and industrial applications. It is ideally suited for use in: research facilities, correctional institutions, hospitals and health care facilities, educational facilities and a wide variety of light manufacturing areas. Dependant on ease of cleanability and slip resistant frequency the sealer is applied at a thickness that will produce the desired texture.

Stonshield SLT Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Covings & Wall Renders

For bearing pads, under machine bases, floor/wall patching and honeycomb repairs. Also used as tile jointing compound and cove skirtings in commercial kitchens, hospitals, etc.

These systems help with limiting the possibility of bacterial build-up in corners and unprotected surfaces.

Remember, these systems are first and foremost intended to protect the substrate from harmful ingress that will lead to health hazards and structural failure.

Epoxy Mortar Coving

CT Floors Installation Services

CT Floors is an approved flooring contractor for most of the major local- and international manufacturers of high-performance flooring products.

Established in 2002, our focus is on providing flooring solutions to the industrial and commercial property owner who needs fast turnaround times for their, or their tenants’ specific requirements.

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