Finfloor Authentic Herringbone Laminate Floors


Finfloor Authentic Herringbone Laminate Floors.

New at FinFloor is Authentic herringbone laminate flooring. The first of it’s kind in the country. The popular design trend of herringbone is now available in the durable and hypo-allergenic laminate tile option that is quick and easy to install in 10 pattern variations.

Available in 6 unique colours, this “Fit for use AC4/W32 graded” designer laminate is 12mm think and quieter underfoot with a natural locking painted V-groove.

Authentic herringbone laminate offers all the design options of a solid wood floor, with all the benefits of laminate.

Laminates are easy to install, hardy, anti-stain, scratch and impact resistant. Our herringbone laminate flooring is 12mm thick making it quieter underfoot with a painted v-groove and realistic photo prints that look like a solid wood. The true to life wood grain is an exceptional replica of the real wood, without having the environmental impact of real wood.


Wear resistance: AC4/W32 – V4
Stain resistance: Rating 5 – no visible change
Swelling test: Average swelling < 12% Light fastness: Grade 6 - No discolouration Impact resistance: IC2

Plank Dimensions: 606 x 101 X 12mm (2.20sqm/box )
Core: 12mm H.D.F. core with an average board density > 880 kg/m³
Fit for use grading: AC4/W32 – General commercial / Heavy residential
Warranty: 25 years heavy residential / 5 years moderate commercial use

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