Stonseal 787 High-gloss Clear epoxy floors


Stonseal 787 High-gloss Clear epoxy floors is a two component, solvent-free liquid epoxy resin cured with an aliphatic amine adduct designed to have excellent substrate wetting and adhesion on a variety of flooring finishes requiring encapsulation.


  • High gloss and clarity
  • Good colour stability for interior floors
  • Good chemical and stain resistance
  • Universal applications


Stonseal 787 is used in conjunction with various decorative Stonhard flooring systems where a high gloss durable finish is required. On coloured aggregates, PVA flakes and polished concrete floors, the sealer enhances the colour and provides good chemical and wear resistance properties. The sealer also provides a moderate degree of slip resistance whilst retaining its cleanability and resistance to marring and staining. Application areas vary from light manufacturing such as food and pharmaceutical process areas, to shopping centres, laboratories, hallways, offices and holding areas in commercial, healthcare, educational and display areas.

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