Pro-Struct 518 Self-Levelling Screed


Pro-Struct 518 Self-Levelling Screed consists of a specially graded quartz aggregate, combined with blended cements, water absorbing agents, superplasticisers and redispersable powders. The hard wearing quartz aggregate has high abrasion resistant characteristics, is non-oxidising and chemically inert.

  • Pro-Struct 518 Levelling Screed produces an extremely hard wearing surface with added resistance to abrasion, dusting and penetration of liquids.
  • Pro-Struct 518 Levelling Screed can be coloured to produce a permanently coloured overlay.
  • Improves impact resistance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pro-Struct 518 Levelling Screed, once properly applied, will provide a smooth flat surface onto which vinyl or linoleum, large format tiles, parquet, carpets and laminate floors can be laid.
  • Pro-Struct 518 Levelling Screed also provides a substrate of uniform absorbency on a variety of sub surfaces. A surface with defined absorbency is particularly important for laying textile and elastic floorings using water based dispersion adhesives. These very low emission additives will usually only set properly on an absorbent substrate.
  • Self-Levelling Flooring Screeds have extremely complex compositions and must meet a wide range of demands. The trend towards rapid construction means that the products must set and develop their strengths very rapidly, but at the same time, applicators require long pot lives of the product

Pro-Struct 518 Levelling Screed meets these complex requirements.


Pro-Struct 518 Levelling Screed provides hard wearing non-dusting floor surfaces for the following locations and facilities:

  • Domestic Floor Applications
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Reprofiling of uneven horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Bakeries – Commercial / Retail Flooring
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