abe.®screed dura®Top Self-Levelling screed


abe.®screed dura®Top Self-Levelling screed is a single component, quick hardening, self-smoothing, shrinkage compensated cement based overlay for levelling floors.

abe.®screed dura.®Top can be laid at thicknesses up to 30 mm, with a minimum of 6 mm when pumped or 6 mm when laid by hand.

  • Quick drying
  • Self-levelling at 8 mm
  • Can be pumped or hand applied
  • Walk on after 24 hours (subject to temperature conditions)
  • Normally overcoat after 24 hours at screed thicknesses up to 10 mm
  • Single pack, merely add prescribed measure of water
  • Strength and performance controlled fast-track screed system
  • Dustless technology reduces health risks and area contamination
  • Provides a hard wearing surface


For fast-track refurbishment and new construction where there is
a demand for a smooth surface for:

  • smoothing floors in factories, workshops and warehouses
  • raising floor levels
  • structural strengthening
  • abe.®screed dura.®Top may be used alone or including a seal coat, namely abe®seal finisol
  • abe.®screed dura.®Top can be used in combination with an a.b.e.® epoxy or polyurethane topping to provide better aesthetics and increased resistance to wear and chemical attack

abe.®screed dura.®Top Self-Levelling screed DOWNLOADS & SPECIFICATIONS


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