CT Floors – Flooring Substrate Preparation

At CT Floors, Flooring Substrate Preparation means one thing: a project’s success lies in its preparation.

If shortcuts are taken here, the project will fail in the long run.

End of discussion!

Most of our investment in technology, automation and machinery has gone into substrate preparation.

This is the part that takes the longest, but is essential to get right.

Crack Repair

Cracks are among the biggest obstacles facing floors. The sheer size of the area means that constant tension is always exerted on the floor in some way or another.

Even though crack repair will never be an exact science, it is nevertheless imperative that crack repair be done during the preparation phase.

Specialised technologies such as crack-injection epoxy along with its accompanying machinery and pumps are just some of the methods that we have in our preparation arsenal.

Crack repair

CT Floors Installation Services

CT Floors is an approved flooring contractor for most of the major local- and international manufacturers of high-performance flooring products.

Established in 2002, our focus is on providing flooring solutions to the industrial and commercial property owner who needs fast turnaround times for their, or their tenants’ specific requirements.

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