Cementitious Flooring Solutions: Why CT Floors Prefers to install Cemcrete products

Welcome to the realm of top-tier cementitious flooring solutions with CT Floors. Dive deep into the artistry behind these floors and uncover why, in the vast ocean of brands, Cemcrete emerges as our beacon of excellence.

Why Cementitious Flooring?

The transformative power of cementitious flooring is unparalleled. Ideal for an array of spaces — homes, offices, galleries, or restaurants — these floors exude authenticity. When crafted with precision, they don’t just beautify a space; they define it. Need proof? Witness our handiwork at the Lilian Ngoyi Women’s Memorial Monument in Pretoria and the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

Choosing the Right Flooring: Why it Matters

In today’s world, flooring choices abound. Yet, they’re not crafted equal. The intrinsic requirements of a space determine the perfect fit. At CT Floors, we’re not just about installations; we’re your trusted advisors in the intricate world of flooring. With our profound industry insights, we ensure that you’re always steps ahead in making the right choice.

Why Cemcrete for Cementitious Flooring Solutions?

Amidst myriad brands, Cemcrete stands tall. Their offerings echo our commitment to quality, aesthetics, and longevity. With Cemcrete, it’s not just about meeting expectations, but consistently outstripping them.

CT Floors: Your Companion in Excellence

Embarking on a flooring project is no small feat. It’s a commitment, a vision. Why venture alone when you have CT Floors by your side? If you’re grappling with choices or need expert insights, remember: You ask, we answer.

Got any questions? We have the answers. Reach out and together, let’s pave the path to unparalleled cementitious flooring solutions tailored for you.

CreteCote: Thin Coating Cementitious Floors (Below 1mm)

Thin Coating Cementitious floors are quick to install and beautiful. If maintained correctly, they will be hard-wearing and will last for many years. In certain cases these floors can be installed over tiles.

Cemcrete CreteCote Floor

RenoCrete: Medium Thickness Cementitious Floors (2mm – 4mm)

Medium Thickness Cementitious floors are quick to install and beautiful. They can be installed outside.

Technical Finishes Smooth and Patch

Cementitious Self-Levelling Screed Overlays (6mm and thicker Floors)

Extremely Specialised, Cementitious Self-Levelling Screed Overlays are designed to be installed in commercial and industrial environments. These floors are pumpable and areas of up to 3000m2 can be installed in one day.

Weber 4650 Design Colour Self-Levelling Screed

Terrazzo Cementitious Floors

10mm – 15mm thick Cementitious overlays bulked with coloured aggregate of 3mm – 5mm in size. These floors are then grinded and polished to expose the aggregate creating a “Salt and Pepper” look. These are strong floors that can be used in commercial environments.

Weber 4635 Terrazzo Floor

Colour Hardener: Dry-Shakes and Surface Hardeners

Dry-Shake Surface Hardeners can be used in environments ranging from residential to commercial and industrial. These products are floated directly into the wet concrete or screed substrate to create one unit with the slab.

Cemcrete Colour Hardener Modern Cement floor

CT Floors is renowned for our hyper focus on preparation and site establishment.

It is a fundamental aspect to our success.

We invest greatly in our machinery, our people training, and the culture of pride that we have in our work.

Without these all-important components, we will just be another flooring contractor.

Site Establishment

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