ABE CHRYSO® Béton Ciré Grip


ABE CHRYSO® Béton Ciré Grip is a blend of exclusive selected dry powders containing Portland cement, minerals and additives. Béton Ciré Grip is a polymer modified cementitious base coating which could be projected with a spray hopper gun or applied by trowel to obtain a finish required. It is also used to smooth out floors that have blowholes or surface irregularities.

This technique indeed allows covering large surfaces in a short time, approximately 200 m2 per day on an average. The system may be pigmented in order to obtain different colours to compliment various finishes.

We thus obtain different finishes: orange skin, crushed with the help of a trowel (glazed appearance).

Béton Ciré Grip may be applied beneath Béton Ciré Finishing where required.

Searching for a modern and trendy decorative look, the Béton Ciré Grip allows for a customized solution.


  • Smoothing of floors that have blowholes and surface irregularities
  • Paths & sidewalks
  • Patio’s
  • Framed/stencil patterns
  • Commercial building centres
  • Domestic areas
  • Sprayed applications
  • On new and old sound concrete slabs or cement screeds



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