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For CT Floors, Flooring Concrete repair implies – among other things – fixing concrete to its original condition in order to protect the concrete and its reinforcing from further deterioration.

Concrete repair technologies can be extremely complicated, but is imperative to protect a member against structural degradation. Especially where the reinforcing could be compromised from contamination.

Additional instances of where concrete repair technologies are extremely helpful is where cut-outs were made to accommodate drainage or to test the condition of the slab.

The correct products can accelerate the curing of the repair, as well as be shrinkage compensated to guard against shrinkage cracking that will always pose a risk in these circumstances.

Employing wet-to-dry epoxy is always recommended for these types of repairs.

Often the top layer of a concrete slab may be soft and friable because it was never properly cured.

We employ the correct technologies to repair these slabs so as to avoid further deterioration and dusting.

The same technologies can be utilised to fast-track the slab repair for high-strength overlays such as polyurethane floors to be applied over.

Slab Repair

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