abe.®screed SLC P Self-Levelling screed

abe.®screed SLC P Self-Levelling screed


abe.®screed SLC P Self-Levelling screed is a single pack, rapid hardening cement based screed for levelling floors where quick setting is essential.

abe.®screed SLC P can be hand applied by trowel (0 – 20 mm) or can be pumped (4 – 20 mm). For pumped applications, an 8 mm average thickness would be a typical expectation on a reasonably level base.

  • Quick setting
  • Self-levelling
  • Can be pumped up to 2 000 m² per day, under suitable conditions
  • Walk on after 6 – 8 hours @ 25 °C under normal conditions
  • Can normally apply coverings onto a 10 mm thick screed after 24 hours
  • Pumpable or hand laid
  • Single pack just add water
  • Protein free, will not harbour bacteria


For fast track refurbishment and new construction where finishes such as carpets, ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood block or cork need to be applied quickly.

Used for smoothing floors in office buildings, dwellings, shops, public buildings, schools, hospitals and airports where a fast track, smooth underlay is required for the above finishes.

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