Technical Finishes Smooth ’n Patch Decorative Cement Floors


Technical Finishes Smooth ‘n Patch Decorative Cement Floors is a pigmented, two component, polymer cement based floor overlay screed system which, when mixed, produces a self-levelling consistency which is easy to apply by hand floating technique.

The cured product is ready for final sealing approximately 12 hours after installation.

SMOOTH ‘n PATCH is a versatile, durable, economical flooring product which produces and attractive floated concrete look and a mottled unique finish.

SMOOTH ‘n PATCH is designed for application in domestic and semi-commercial environments.


  • Floated concrete finish
  • Seamless flooring
  • Floor levelling
  • Mottled hand floated aesthetics
  • Smooth and level floors before laying vinyl tiles, sheeting or carpeting
  • Repair damaged concrete floors prior to painting or as a final wearing surface
  • Patch holes, repair damaged stair treads, re-face damaged expansion joints, either inside or outside
  • Grout in bolts, burglar bars, sliding door tracks, electrical boxes, pipes or window frames
  • Emergency factory floor repair material a must for every contractor and maintenance engineer

Technical Finishes

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